Amber is Live!

Welcome to Amber: The Teenage Chapbook!

Once you get past that glowy childhood stage and trade unadulterated “Mummy look what I made” compliments for crippling self-esteem issues when people start holding you to standards, writing can sometimes be a bit of an isolating activity. The kind that you hunker down with and bury away with grubby hands where no one can see but can’t stop doing, because it’s just that thing that keeps itching at you to do.

Sometimes you finally write something that you’re ready for other people to lay eyes on. It’s a whole wide world of opportunity out there now–Insta poets aplenty and the range of blogsites at your disposal. (All three of us would know–two WordPress and one Blogspot alumni at your service.) We want to nudge you to taking it a little step further: venturing into the world of submissions, editorials, and publication. That pipe dream everyone who’s written anything has entertained at least once. It’s not a hugely fun process for your self-esteem (been there, still doing that), but those pieces you’re willing to show people? We want them.

Send us your angst and your uncertainty and your wild responses to prompts. Send us all the poems that are thinly disguised metaphors about your maths class crush/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/ex/”are we aren’t we”s. Send us stories about best friends, weird coincidences, complicated families, and how the clock tower is really haunted, leh, legit. We want to read them, and we promise to make it as friendly an experience as possible.

Amber is open for submissions from Oct 26 to Dec 19. See you then!

-Wen-yi, Kimberley & Christian

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