By Alice Shen

Why must I be like you?
Is the norm that you hold so dear,
worth my identity?

I desire not the ability to be able to reach as high as you
Nor to run as fast as you

Do you not see?
We are all adrift in the same sea,
and yet our ships are all so different

I may seem slow and awkward,
but I prefer to be a junk,
than a boat of reeds

The unknowing might mock me,
but at the end of it all,
I would ferry the spices,
achieving for our home

Alice Shen is a student just trying to make a mark in the world. As a writer, they try to write about whatever inspires them at the moment. Aside from studying and writing, Alice Shen is also a toxic FPS gamer.

Image: @osmanrana via Unsplash

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