sunday morning

By Soh Yong Xiang

if the rain keeps us inside, or my will
doesn’t last past the main door

then it is quite enough that the taste of the previous
batch of grapefruit seeps into the puer, in the teapot

and that the lights split me into two
silhouettes in the kitchen ceramic

which i have noticed again and again
for years, and will continue to notice

for years to come, and that my parents have a new hobby
and cannot stop outfitting the home with furniture,

gadgets and trinkets and such, and really (bravely!)
our house has become a chimera that never looks back

because one doesn’t have to wear the past
like a stuffy jacket, or carry it as a stone

of something to be fulfilled, and that if you pay attention
that nameless neighbour has really improved at the piano

and it is quite enough to be a stranger as long
as they keep playing, which they will

Yong Xiang is a student. He likes writing, going for walks and eating dim sum.

Image: @coleito via Unsplash

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