The Stump

By Tristan Tan

its lines rise and cascade
marks etched
into memories
into parts of the existence

the turmoil of growth
is not seen
in the rough exterior

beneath which the rings of time scar
but are, the beauty,
the significance
of what lies underneath

the presence of which
cannot be understood
through the eyes of he who watches

until it is all over
what used to exist
what can stand very nature itself
fell to the mettle of man

the test of time withstood
its secrets written and hidden
now lie on my kitchen table

like it never once wasn’t
the tree that belonged to the stump

Tristan Tan is a student who likes to dabble in the realms of poetry and songwriting. An emerging poet and a seasoned guitarist, Tristan sinks great amounts of thought into his works to push the boundaries of his poems and songs alike. When not pondering the intricacies of everyday life, he likes to put his time to good uses, such as bingeing sitcoms on Netflix and procrastinating on project work.

Image: @lastly via Unsplash

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