the terracotta warriors

By Shaun Loh

After decades, from white to marble, they
seemed even older than Methuselah.
In this dingy mausoleum, saccharine
boxed-up milk chocolate they shone like.
Lactose-intolerant, my curiosity

piqued. I wanted to be like them, stoned and
ceramic. Hibernating by the world,
yet bare for her ignoble scrutiny.
Amongst loveless servicemen just like me,
fighting, controverting unrecognised.

Apparently, “terracotta” meant baked
earth. Porous skeletons, eternally
connected to the air, even after the burn,
so that life would not trap itself within.
I tried searching myself for signs of such.

Shaun Loh is a Year 6 student at Raffles Institution. His fiction and poetry works have been published in school, national and international anthologies. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of his school newspaper, Raffles Press.

Image: @alschim via Unsplash

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