Issue 1 – Feb 2021

We’re proud to present the inaugural issue of Amber: The Teenage Chapbook, featuring eighteen Singaporean writers aged fifteen to nineteen. Wander through the city with churning thoughts in rochelle lee’s “SUNRISE.” and Tang Sumi’s “walking, unmoored.”. Explore facets of loss in Isabelle Lim’s “Today Is A Good Day To Die”, Emmy Kwan’s “funerals” and Khoo Yi Xuan’s “The Times We Shared”. From streetsides to dusty plains, dining tables to laundrettes, classrooms to confessionals, these twenty-five pieces are a journey of fierce, turbulent emotion. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Alternatively, read the PDF version here, or read the individual pieces below.



3 a.m.

By Silvia Suseno

too late at night we are
perched in front of a washing machine
you are giddy with boyish glee about how it spins.… Continue reading 3 a.m.