instructions for self-destruction

By Chua, Richelle Aubrey Ang

put me in a petri dish and watch the wounds fester,
—psychedelic episodes turned season four

stuff me inside a box and out comes a sheep
—little, delusional prince who rules a planet with one rose

beat me down and bleed me blue
—dysfunctional limbs like a puzzle missing a piece


culture the embittered man and watch him thrash around
inside the glass plate he’s created for himself

grow baobabs and let the weeds overrun the pantry,
three holes are just enough to breathe through

receive the successive punches with a crooked smile
we’re playing operation: disable the spinal cord

Richelle is a struggling Science student by day and a curiously coping confessionalist at night. She takes inspiration from and often writes about family, love, and the teenager spirit. In the future, she hopes to publish her own poetry collection.

Image: @vaun0815 via Unsplash

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